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It Works Chocolate Greens

chocolate greensALL NEW It Works Chocolate Greens!!

Your family will have no problem getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies with new It Works Chocolate Greens!

NEW PRODUCT!!!!!!!  Do you struggle to get fruits and veggies in your day?  Now you can get them in chocolate!!!

You get 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods and 34 fruits & veggies in this new Chocolate Blend Greens!  And, is a healthy supplement for the whole family !!

Alkalize, Balance, and Detoxify with CHOCOLATE?! You read that right… Introducing our newest product, It Works Chocolate Greens!

This GENIUS product allows you to enjoy the health and nutritional benefits of Greens in a NEW Chocolate flavor.

What Can It Works Chocolate Greens do for you?

ALKALIZE:  Greens is a natural blend of ingredients to help alkalize the body, restore pH balance, and support the immune system for overall health and wellness.

BALANCE: Give your body a big nutritional boost with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their bioactive, bioavailable form so you experience maximum absorption by your body.

DETOXIFY:  The natural detoxifying properties of Matcha Green Tea and a complex blend of 34 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, Greens delivers the best nutrients to support your body’s natural detoxification and help your body to naturally cleanse and balance for a healthier you.

    • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
    • 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods
    • 34 fruits and veggies
    • Matcha Green Tea Added
    • Soy-Free. Dairy-Free. Vegan. Non-GMO.
    • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
    • Decadent chocolate flavor

What is It Works Chocolate Greens?it works greens chocolate

Greens is an alkalizing, balancing and detoxifying blend of 52 herbs and nutrient rich super foods, fruits and vegetables.  Along with the pH-balancing, acid-fighting blend of magnesium and potassium.

With Naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes, in their hightest bioactive, bioavailable form, means you you get maximum absorption by your body.

Just two scoops of Greens gives you results you can feel!

Greens help to increase energy, improve immune system health, and support your digestive system while detoxifying, alkalizing and balancing your body for better all over health.

What kind of chocolate is in It Works Chocolate Greens?  

Greens Chocolate contains Dutch-processed cocoa (known as alkalized, unsweetened cocoa powder.  The alkalized cocoa is less bitter than natural cocoa.  It has a more mild, mellow flavor and dissolves more easily.

I just ordered me some and will update when I have a chance to taste it.  But, I heard it tastes like chocolate milk.

Get yourself some Chocolate Greens here!

chocolate greens ingredients



2 Responses to It Works Chocolate Greens

  1. Laura Scott / Reply


    Hello is it ok to use milk instead of water

    • jackie / Reply


      I would think so! Some people put Greens in their smoothie.

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