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Offer A “Skinny Cut” in Your Salon

it works in your salonOffer a ‘skinny cut’ in your salon?

What does it mean to offer a ‘skinny cut’ in your salon?

First of all, get it out of your head that the It Works It Works Body Wrap (Ultimate Body Applicator) is just like all the other Body Wraps that you’ve heard about!

You’re whole body isn’t slathered in messy clay;  you’re not completely wrapped up like a mummy and can’t move, you don’t sweat and you don’t just lose water weight and when you drink water and the inches you lost are back!

Don’t settle for old fashioned, outdated wrap treatments!!

Times have changed,  so have wraps!

I’ve used It Works Body Wraps on myself and achieved fantastic results.  So have hundreds of my clients… they’re everyday people…stay at 

home moms, nail tech’s, college students, stylists and nurses.

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful and that’s why the wraps fit the salon business model so perfectly!

Your customers are already coming in, wanting to look better.  By offering them a wrap (at the same time), you’re not wasting time…you get two services done at one time!

It’s quick, easy and convenient.  And that’s how we like things today!

I’ve heard of people spending hundreds of dollars visiting spas, only to be disappointed with their results.

Then they try our It Works Body Wraps and see results in less than an hour!

What does this say to you?

It says to me that salons could be making mucho money by offering It Works Body Wraps to their clients!  

You’re clients come in because they want to look good, you want to make money.

Why wouldn’t you sell these wraps in your salon?

I have no experience in the salon industry.  But, I do know these wraps sell!

You’ve got to get creative and think ‘outside the box’.

If a local salon offered something called “A Skinny Cut” wouldn’t you want to know what the heck it was?

Of course you would!

Why, you ask?

Well, because, “what the heck is a Skinny Cut”?  Sounds pretty darn cool!

Why wouldn’t you want to Offer A “Skinny Cut” in Your Salon?

While your client is in the chair getting their hair cut, colored, mani/pedi, etc… they wear a wrap at the same time.

In just 45 minutes – which may be faster than the haircut – what ever body part your client just wrapped will be tighter, firmer and more toned.

What if they also have cellulite?

They just reduced the appearance of that too!

All while you were doing your thing with them in your chair!

And, it was fast (about 3 minutes to apply) and easy (no mess).

This is AMAZING, that’s what this is! it works hair salon

It’s guaranteed money, that’s what this is!

I seriously wish I worked in the salon industry and had this opportunity!  Salons have the perfect atmosphere!

But, you don’t have to be in the salon industry to make an awesome income with the It Works Wraps.

The potential in having a salon or stylist sign up as a distributor for these wraps is … you are literally sitting on a goldmine! 

Some of the most successful distributors in the company are in the salon industry; one of which makes 6 figures now … A MONTH!

Just IMAGINE how well a salon would do given that they already have the customers and client base!

Find out more about  how you can boost sales by offering It Works Body Wraps in YOUR salon.

We even have salons all over the country earning money from their COMPETITORS!

If you’d like to get the “skinny” on this, contact me and I can tell you how 🙂

Ready to increase your cash clientele, cash flow and sales?  Join my It Works Team!  And you can offer a ‘Skinny Cut’ in your salon!

Hear direct from a spa owner herself on how this has been an incredible ADD-ON to her current services: Click Here —>   IT WORKS BODY WRAPS IN YOUR SALON

Listen to this salon owner who is a top earner with It Works:  Click Here —>  IT WORKS BODY WRAPS IN YOUR SALON

Whether you own a salon, work in a salon…salon/spa, nail salon, tanning salon…or if you offer these types of beauty services in your home (lashes, extensions, artificial hair, even massage) by adding It Works Body Wraps and/or other products to your services, you can greatly increase sales, cash flow and clientele.

I’d be happy to talk with you further about how I can help you get started.  I can even tell you how you can earn from your competitors 😉  Give me a text or a call so we can discuss this opportunity further.  My number is 352-978-2370.  Bear in mind, if you leave a comment, many times my reply will go to your spam box and you will not see it.  Call or text is the best way to contact me.

I look forward to talking with you.

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