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It Works Loyal Customer Program – How YOU can Save BIG While Losing Fat

The It Works Loyal Customer Program…

It Works Loyal Customers SAVE up to 40%!

I hear from people all the time asking for a discount on the wraps or if we have any ‘specials’ and I always tell them…It Works Loyal Customer Program can SAVE you up to 40% every day!  There’s no need for a sale or promotion or any of that nonsense.  Heck, you can save $40 off of each box of wraps!  If that’s not a sale, I don’t know what is!

ItWorks rewards Loyal Customers by offering significant savings with wholesale pricing, a referral program to earn free boxes of wraps or Perks Points that earn you FREE products!  And, ItWorks Body Wrap Customers can save up to 40%!  Really people, this is the absolute best way to go if you want to get the wraps (or other great ItWorks products) and SAVE money.  And, you can get FREE BOXES OF WRAPS!

So, how does this Loyal Customer thing work?

  • Join our auto-ship program for a minimum of 3 consecutive months and you’ll have access to all your favorite products at wholesale price savings. You can save up to 40% off retail, depending on which products you purchase.

  • As an It Works Body Wrap Loyal Customer, you are only required to order one product each month and we will automatically send it out to you each month. You don’t have to worry about running out of your favorite It Works products again!
  • You can change your auto-shipment order or continue to receive the same order every month.  It’s easy to change your auto shipment order by contacting a customer service. (listed below) You can change your order if you want to try a different product.  You’re only required to fulfill your minimum order of one item each month.

  • You can end your participation in the Loyal Customer Program anytime after your third consecutive month on auto-ship by contacting our Customer Service Department. (listed below)

  • NOTE: There is a $50 early termination fee if you cancel before fulfilling the three-month minimum of at least one product order per month.

  • Even if you cancel your participation in the Customer Loyalty Program after you have been on auto-ship for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, you will still receive wholesale pricing for LIFE!  You get the discounted price whenever you come back and place an order with us again.

GET FREE STUFF 🙂 ~ Here’s the Perks for It Works Loyal Customers

  • As a Loyal Customer, you save up to 40% on all the products you love and you earn FREE products!!
  • Earn Perk Points…Earn points as you purchase and redeem those points for FREE products!
  • CLICK HERE to become a It Works Loyal Customer

If you want to become an It Works Loyal Customer, it’s easy peasy!  Just place your order in the IT WORKS STORE. When you get to the checkout, you’ll just click the green bar.  This gives you the Loyal Customer price. (Dah, we want to save $$)  At this point, you’ll do a super quick sign up, finish your order and you are now an It Works Loyal Customer!  (Jump up & down!)  And you can enjoy saving on Body Wraps and all your favorite products!  

If you’re ready to firm, tighten and contour your problem areas and help diminish the appearance of your cellulite and stretch marks, just Click this: It Works Body Wraps.  You’ll begin saving from your first order.

You deserve to love your body again and feel confident!

Oh, and before you do your wrap, make sure you check my How To And Tips to make sure you get the Absolute BEST results with your wraps!  No other Distributor will give you such detailed instructions!




8 Responses to It Works Loyal Customer Program – How YOU can Save BIG While Losing Fat

  1. tabitha steffens / Reply


    Hi my name is Tabitha, I have a question to ask. Do you have to become a loyal member to purchase anything?

    • jackie hall / Reply


      Hello Tabitha, I have sent you an email 🙂 In case anyone else is wondering…You can purchase our products as a loyal customer (autoship to get discounted prices and other perks) or retail (pay full price with no perks).

  2. Nora / Reply


    If I want to sign up as a Loyal customer, how much will it costs to sign up? In NZD.

    • jackie / Reply


      Nora, you can simply order from my site…put in your country…and order 🙂 There is no fee to be a Loyal Customer…just a 3 month commitment, then you get the discounts.

      • Cassidy / Reply


        Jackie what is your site. I wanna sign up as a loyal customer . So I want free wraps I don’t have to pay for them or no.

        • jackie / Reply


          Cassidy, you left your comment on my site 🙂 http://www.ThisWorksBodyWrap.com
          You do have to pay for the products you want, but you get all your products up to 40% off. We do have a loyal customer referral program where you share your unique link within 30 days and when your friends/family etc, orders from your link, you can get free boxes of wrap.

  3. Angela / Reply


    I have signed up to be a loyal customer how do I login? Why am I being charged every 5 days? I am severely over drawn in my bank account now!

    • jackie / Reply


      I have no idea who you signed up with. You’d need to call customer service and have them look into it. Their number is 1-800-537-2395

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