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What’s The Deal With Those It Works Body Wraps?

it works wrapYou may wonder…what’s the deal with those It Works Body Wraps?

I’m sure you’ve seen This Crazy Wrap Thing all over social media lately…So, you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with those It Works Body Wraps?

Why would I spend so much time writing all these posts about these wraps?  Because THEY WORK!

However, I don’t expect that they’ll work for everyone (I’ll get back to this in a moment)…

The It Works Body wrap is different than any other type of  ‘wrap’  on the market today!  Because the ingredients in it actually work!

Contrary to what some people thing, it’s not water loss.  Some of the ingredients in the wrap work to attack all the ‘junk’ hanging around and holding on to those blubber making cells.  Other ingredients work to  deeply hydrate, firm, tone and tighten your skin.

Remember the show, What Not to Wear?

Think of it this way…using the body wrap is like being on that show “What NOT To Wear”.

The Body Wraps are the style experts that come in and tell you that your style just isn’t flattering on you…that you must get rid of that junk you’re wearing.  They go through your wardrobe and help you get the courage to get rid of the unflattering  junk that’s making you look ridiculous and helps you tear up the old, unflattering clothes and throw them away!

They help you break the bond with the junk and eliminate it so you can move on.

You probably wonder what does this ‘junk’ have to do with my blubber and my fat?

Think of it like this…Everyone has fat.  Most of us just have bigger fat.  Us that have bigger fat have it because there is excess junk inside the fat.

Here’s an example:  You’ve probably flown in an airplane…On a flight, you’re usually allowed to take 2 carry-on bags onto the plane.  Some people stuff their bags full of so much junk that it doesn’t fit under their seat.

Others stuff their bags to the point that they’re so big that they can’t carry it on the plane and have to check it in.  They get rid of their bag (they get surgery).   Then, there are those perfect travelers with small bags that always fit under the seat.

I know, you’re thinking…how do these wraps fit in with this example of airline bags?

Ok…Most people ‘over stuff their bags’ and are fat.  So, to decrease their amount of fat, they go on a diet (getting rid of the stuff in the bag).

But, they miss the stuff they got rid of.  Instead of going back to old habits and stuffing their bag with unhealthy trinkets, they fill their bag only with what they need and pack a light bag.  So, if everyone has to carry two bags, why not have small, fashionable bags that fit?

But the ‘junk’ will come back, won’t it?

What does the movie Scar Face and wraps have in common?

Remember Al Pacino in the movie Scar Face?  Remember him standing there with that big machine gun and he says, “Say hello to my little friend?”

The It Works Body Wrap is ‘your little friend’!  It’s going to blast that ‘junk’ holding onto your fat into smithereens, just by drinking water to help move it out.  You will eliminate that junk every time you use the restroom, and you’ll begin to shrink that belly fat.

This is important!

You can’t use our wraps, get rid of that junk and go and put more junk back in!

You simply cannot expect your results to last if you go back to your bad habits.   Would you do a hard, sweaty workout and then go and have a big, greasy cheeseburger, super sized fries and a large Coke?  I hope not!  If you would, then this is something the It Works Body Wraps can’t help you with!  You have an issue that needs resolved.

What I’m sayin’ is that if you make changes and eat better and change your lifestyle, your results can remain permanent.  It’s so important to make changes and live healthier when you use the wraps.

You don’t have to starve yourself….eat!  But make good  choices in what your putting in your mouth.  Living a healthy lifestyle is important to keep your wrap results, but for your overall well being as well.

Using the It Works Body Wrap can give you immediate results and give you the motivation you need to make good choices and live healthier.  You spend good money on wraps, you don’t want to ruin your results do you?  It’s huge motivation to see results in less than an hour and see progressive results in as little as 3 days.

Remember, if you make poor food and lifestyle choices, you will not have permanent results.   Same goes with ANYTHING you use to lose your weight, if you make poor food choices, you’ll be taking those over stuffed bags and moving back to live in the City of Misery.

Take a look around, learn from the past, get on that big jet plane with your new small carry on bags and take a one way trip to New You City!

And that’s what’s the deal with those It Works Body Wraps!

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