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It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

it works vs solobelloIt Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello…So, how do they compare?  I’ll let you be the judge…

The other day I saw a commercial about a surgical cosmetic procedure called Sonobello and this woman on the commercial was so pleased with her results!  I took a look at her results and was like…”What?!!  It Works Body Wraps can give those same results!”

So, I started doing some research on Sonobello to see what it was all about.

It Works Body Wraps vs. sonobello…

This is a real testimonial of a real sonobello patient I found from Tampa, FL  4/19/2013.  I found this on Google when I did a search for sonobello.  Read her testimonial here:   She had a procedure done called Trisculpt.it works body wrap

In this person’s testimony, she stated:   she was in very bad pain the day of the surgery and continued to be sore for 6 days after the surgery.

She  took medication before the procedure for bruising;was highly medicated for three days after surgery, had to wear a compression garment and she had to have “revisions” on her upper & lower stomach (which kept her out of work for an extra 3 days).  

The procedure cost her $4,874!!!  

Per their website…Pricing starts at $1,249 per area*.  You need to take notice of the ‘fine print’ (the small print at the bottom) *Pricing applies to each area when a minimum of three areas are treated starting at $1249 each. BMI guidelines apply to per area pricing, surgery fee may apply.

it works body wraps

This is a fellow Distributor on my team.  In this picture, she had done 2 wraps….This is 5 days time!!!!

Just 2 wraps, clean eating and drinking water!!

A box of wraps costs $99 purchased as a retail customer or $59 as a Loyal Customer

  • No pain
  • No bruising
  • Medication not needed
  • Done in the privacy of your own home
  • No recovery time
  • No time off work
  • Changed her lifestyle and eating habits
  • Cost of a box of 4 wraps is $99 retail price or $59 Loyal Customer price
  • Our wraps give you the same results as this painful, expensive surgery!slide1


it works body wraps vs sonobello

Here is the comparison…what do YOU think?

SonoBello Triscupt…7 weeks…cost $4,847

It Works Body Wraps…6 weeks…Cost Approx. $150 retail/$75 loyal customer

Take a look at Jess 18 months later. JESS18monthslater

In looking at these results, which would you rather do?  

Dangerous, painful, expensive cosmetic surgery or It Works Body Wraps?  

Is someone you know considering cosmetic surgery?  Pass this along to them!

Are you considering cosmetic surgery?  RECONSIDER!!!!

Get some It Works Body Wraps and begin your transformation!

13 Responses to It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

  1. Revia Kornegay / Reply


    WOW! I would definitely rather use the wraps. Weighing the pros and cons of these two and the wraps come out on top! #TeamWrap I can’t wait until get mine!!!!

  2. April / Reply


    That story is awesome !!!! Who would get surgery when you can do the wraps better and healthier way to get that tummy thighs and whatever else you want done I’ll take the wraps over painful surgery any day and I really. Am looking forward to trying it one day .

  3. Tymikah wright / Reply


    That is wow crazy better then going through all that pain and money

  4. Morgan / Reply


    I would prefer the wrap pain free no time off work and cheaper it’s a win win situation

  5. RaeAnn Norwood / Reply


    I would personally do the it works wraps! Its literally no pain it actually feels relieving and less stressful.. My opinion on the sonobello is why would you want to go through so much pain for so much money and then hurt with scar tissue in the end? its crazy all you have to do is take care of your body and go with natural non painful perspectives.

  6. Danay / Reply


    I would so rather use the wraps one because their MUCH cheaper & two say your a full time mommy wife & working & you have to take this time off no not a good a idea w. the wraps its a win win situation can’t wait to try them !!

  7. kally / Reply


    Wraps!! Cheaper an easier…im a new mommy to a 1 month old, the wraps wont interfere with daily activities ….cant wait to try them 🙂

  8. Erin moon / Reply


    Wow I have heard about the body wraps but never really believed that something so simple could have such amazing results!! I’ve struggled my whole life with weoght lose and I would really love to try the body wraps!!

  9. Chantill / Reply


    I’ve been reading a lot of different things about cosmetic surgery and the wraps. I love the fact that the wraps work just like surgery without all of the pain. The results are incredible!!!! I can’t wait to get some and try it for myself. 🙂

  10. Melanie / Reply


    Wow that’s amazing! I personally was considering surgery to eliminate my “baby belly” but with these testimonies and results I think this truly is a better choice for me, more cost effective and not painful. Looking forward to my IT works body!

  11. RiRi / Reply


    Sorry not buying it….
    The wraps help u loose water….trisculpt remove fat! I’ve done both. The wraps are great if u want to get into a special dress. Trisculpt last longer. The procedure is not painful however u will experience some discomfort. Recovery time yes there is but the results is worth it

  12. Joanna / Reply


    I want to try the wrap

    • jackie / Reply


      Joanna, you can purchase wraps right from my site here.

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