It Works Body Wrap Scam

It works wraps boxIs the It Works Body Wrap a Scam or does it work?  I want to address some of the complaints and issues I’ve read on-line that claim the wraps are a scam or a rip off.  And discuss some claims that the wraps simply don’t work, or as people ‘hoped’ they would work.

People order the body wraps for many reasons.   They purchase them because they’re unhappy with a specific part of their body and want improvement.  Many moms purchase the wraps because after giving birth their belly skin is loose & sagging or has stretch marks.

People purchase them because age or weight loss surgery has left them with loose & sagging skin.   People also purchase the wraps to jump start a new, healthy lifestyle.

The instant results gives you inspiration to eat better and live healthier lifestyle.

Some people have problem areas that diet/exercise just can’t improve enough so they will feel more confident about their body, such as cellulite, a belly pooch, extra fat on the hips and thighs or a slight muffin top.

As one new customer recently wrote to me, that this is a last resort for her.  She has a pooch and sagging skin on her belly from childbirth that she just cannot get rid of, despite hours at the gym and a clean diet (she is a very fit girl).

She can’t afford cosmetic surgery and ordered our wraps to help her tighten the area to look better and to have more confidence.

Some of the reasons people think that It Works Body Wraps are a scam….

The biggest issue I’ve come across is the rumor that wraps don’t work.   If you want the wraps to do their job, you must do your job!!   The main reason the wraps don’t work for the majority of complainers is that the directions are not followed properly.

My first question is if they read my How To &  Tips Tab here on my site, and FOLLOWED them.  These are my detailed instructions that I give my customers.  TIP!  Be sure you purchase your wraps from a legit distributor (such as myself) because there are fake wraps going around and some people sell old wraps.


One of the main reasons they don’t work is that you’re Not drinking the required amount of water.  I’ve had many people say that the wraps don’t/haven’t worked.

My next question is about their water intake.  I ask if they drank AT LEAST 1/2 their body weight in water (in ounces) each day over the next 72 hours after the wrap.  I’m usually told ‘I drink a lot of water’.

I cannot stress enough…You MUST drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water (in ounces) each day for 72 hours after you wrap!!!  Not just a lot of water!  Measure your water intake!  Make sure you are absolutely drinking the proper amount of water.

This is a MUST!  The natural cream on the wrap works to break down the impurities in your fat cells from all the junk we eat and in our environment.  The water is needed to flush the impurities from your fat cells.body wraps on womens bodies


Another reason you may not see the results you’re seeking is that you are not eating a healthy diet.

The wraps absolutely will not work if you wrap and eat like crap!  Eating fatty, sugary, processed, chemical laden food is putting toxins back into your body!

Alcohol, cigarettes (marijuana/drugs/narcotics) are all toxins!

If you choose to indulge in these things, you are defeating the purpose of using the wraps!

Be knowledgeable about what you’re putting in your mouth…do some research if you have to.  Don’t assume because the label says it’s good for you…Low Fat, No Fat, Healthy, Sugar Free…that is really is!!

The manufacturer wants you to buy their products, they don’t care if it’s good for you or not!  Learn to read labels and look at all the chemicals in the foods you’re putting in your mouth!


Another reason people think the wraps are a scam, that I’ve personally dealt with, is that the almost all of the before/after pictures of results don’t show the person’s face.


What is the part of your body you HATE the most?  What do you find disgusting on your body that you don’t want others to see?  Think about it!

Would YOU want a picture taken of you showing your most awful part of your body that you hate and despise to show your face along with it for the whole world to see in the Internet??


That is why we don’t take pictures of our customer’s faces!!!!  


Another claim is that the pictures are photo shopped.  Come On!!

Do you really think that us, as Distributors, have time to sit around and photo shop thousands of pictures??

We Don’t!  That’s just silly!


Another popular misconception is that the wraps work as water weight loss.  This is SO UNTRUE!  Our wraps work completely opposite.   With ItWorks Body Wraps, you have to drink water for them to work!  You are not to sweat while using the wrap.

You want your pores to absorb the natural, plant based cream.  You can’t do that if you sweat!!

Let’s talk about pores…In order for the wraps to work, the cream must soak into the skin.  If you use soaps with lotion, oils, creams on your skin, these block your pores.

If your pores are blocked, they can’t absorb the cream on the wrap!  You must be sure your pores are clean and open to absorb the cream on the wrap!

My How To & Tips explain this, and what you need to do.   If you don’t feel the warming/cooling/tingling sensation of the wrap when it’s placed on your skin, your pores are clogged and the wrap WILL NOT be able to do it’s job.

Oh, and just a little FYI…have you ever looked at the ingredients of the cream & lotions your put on your body?  They are full of chemicals!  And your skin is absorbing these chemicals every day.


The last issue I’m going to address in this post are the lasting results of the wraps.  I read over & over of uninformed people saying that the results don’t last, it’s just a temporary fix, it’s just a gimmick and you will gain the weight/fat back.  Let me tell you the truth…

If you were to diet/exercise and lose weight or body fat, and you begin to eat unhealthy, fatty, sugary & processed foods and not get any activity, you will  gain it back…agreed?  The wraps work the same way!

After you wrap, you will gain back what you have lost if you live a unhealthy lifestyle.  But, if you continue to eat good, healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle, your results will remain permanent!

You must remember that every person’s body is different, every person’ts lifestyle, body chemistry, environment and eating habits are different and everyone will have different results.  Some people get awesome results in less than an hour.

Others may not see results until after one full treatment (which is 4 wraps).   The wrap is working every time you use it!  You may not see the results you want right away, but don’t give up!  Your body reacts to the ingredients in the cream at it’s own pace.

The wraps do/will work.  As long as you use them properly!  We have found some issues to address if the wraps don’t work.

One is if the person is “regular”.   For some reason, results aren’t very good if the person doesn’t have proper elimination.  If this pertains to you, CLICK HERE…this may help.   Usually, when a person corrects this problem, the results happen.

Ladies, we don’t suggest you wrap when it’s ‘that time of the month’.  For some reason, results are little to none.  It’s a mystery as to why…maybe a hormonal issue?  So, do not wrap if you know your time of the month is due.

Medication…if you’re concerned, check with your doctor.

There are hundreds of thousands of happy ItWorks Body Wrap customers!  The products have changed people’s lives.  The only way to see how your results will be, is to try them.  But…


I hope this helped you realize that the wraps do work and the ItWorks Body Wrap Scam isn’t a scam at all!  You must use the wraps correctly for them to work.

Don’t wait any longer to give them a try.  Get your wraps here and let me know what your After picture looks like :)

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