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How to Get It Works Body Wraps Cheap

how to get it works body wraps cheapHow to get It Works Body Wraps cheap.

People contact me with this question all the time!

I’m sure you’ve seen distributors posting on social media or selling the wraps elsewhere.

Have you thought they were just too expensive?  And, you’re searching for a way to get them cheaper…

You Want It Works Body Wraps But Don’t Want to Pay Full Price!

And that’s totally understandable!

But do you really want to risk paying a little bit less and wasting your money on an imitation?  Or risk getting product that is probably outdated and may not work at all?

You get what you pay for!

I’ve been a legitimate distributor for over 2 years now and things have changed!  There are now fake wraps!  These wraps look almost identical to our first to market, only one of its kind, botanical It Works Body Wrap.  There are other knock offs as well….products that look similar, but are not the real deal.

There are people that buy in bulk and sell on Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist (legit distributors are prohibited from doing so).   You may get wraps for a few bucks cheaper, but you don’t know how old these wraps are; who knows if they’ve been sitting around in a hot garage somewhere or in a storage space.

You may even be buying knock offs and not even know it.

You might save a few bucks but, you have no support and no one to turn to if you have questions.

So, how do you get It Works Body Wraps Cheap?

If you want the original, patented, first to market It Works Body Wraps that work … right here is where you get them cheap.

Many people sell wraps for $25-$35 each.  You can get a box of 4 of them from me (a legitimate distributor) for just $59 by becoming a Loyal Customer.

As a Loyal Customer you agree to purchase at least one item each month for 3 months…that’s it…no scams, no hassle, no bamboozling.  You even have the option to track your shipping and change your orders if you want.

After you’re 3rd shipment, if you don’t want any more wraps or want to try any of our other fabulous products, you just call an cancel…simple.

But, you will get the discounted pricing FOR LIFE…without being locked into a 3 month commitment again.

You also get other perks as a Loyal Customer.

If you don’t want to be locked into a 3 month commitment, you can opt to pay a $50 charge and get all your items you order at a discount.

Now your assured that you’re getting the real deal and you also have someone (me) to help you with any questions or concerns you have.  When you order from any other place, you don’t have any support.Or you can opt to buy your wraps for $99 retail price.

Is there any other way of getting It Works Body Wrap Cheap?

Another way to get wraps (and other products) cheap is by becoming a Distributor.

As a Loyal Customer you get wholesale pricing, as a Distributor you get wholesale pricing and you can make some extra money!

As a Distributor, you pay $99 for a business kit.  You get a FREE box of 4 wraps.  And, this gives you the rights to sell the products for a year.

If you really want to make money there are some other things you will need to do, but if you want to just buy wholesale and sell at a higher price, you can do that!

You can also get wraps for $25 a box, no shipping!

To do that, you’d sign up as a Distributor for $99!  You’d get your business kit and your website, which is free for your first 30 days, then it’s $20 a month.

This unlocks BONUSES!

With your own website, you can now send people to your website!   They can get the wraps at the discounted Loyal Customer price and you make commission from that!

For EVERY 2 Loyal Customers that order from your site, you unlock the Wrap Reward Bonus!  And you can purchase a box of wraps for $25, no shipping.  Think about it…you can sell these wraps for $25 each and make $75 off each box!

So now you know how to get the real It Works Body Wraps Cheap.  Don’t settle for imitations or wraps that you have no idea where they came from or how old they are!

Now it’s your choice….

Get you some legit It Works Body Wraps.




4 Responses to How to Get It Works Body Wraps Cheap

  1. Virginia / Reply


    I would like to try the 4 wraps for 59 dollar’s…ill be loyal cust. For 3mons…

  2. Chris / Reply


    But you don’t get a free box anymore if you sign up

    • jackie / Reply


      yes, you get a free box of wraps in your business kit when you sign on as a distributor

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