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Lose the Belly Fat with Zero Assistance

RatingsLose the belly fat with zero assistance! So many people want to lose belly fat and I tell them that they can lose the belly fat with zero assistance! Their next question is always…HOW? The number one contributing factor to
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What’s The Deal With Those It Works Body Wraps?

RatingsYou may wonder…what’s the deal with those It Works Body Wraps? I’m sure you’ve seen This Crazy Wrap Thing all over social media lately…So, you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with those It Works Body Wraps? Why would I spend
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It Works Body Wraps-Does It Work?

Ratings It Works Body Wraps-does it work? If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, It Works Body Wraps-does it work?…the  I’d be a millionaire! It Works Body wraps are seen all over social media…AKA Skinny Wraps or the
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Do It Works Body Wraps Really Work or is it A Scam?

The number one question I hear is…Do It Works Body Wraps Really Work, or is it a scam? Continue reading

When Do You See Results From It Works Wraps?

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked by new users. Continue reading

How to Get It Works Body Wraps Cheap

RatingsHow to get It Works Body Wraps cheap. People contact me with this question all the time! I’m sure you’ve seen distributors posting on social media or selling the wraps elsewhere. Have you thought they were just too expensive?  And,
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It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

How do they compare? The other day I saw a commercial about a surgical cosmetic procedure called sonobello.. Continue reading

What Makes It Works Wraps so Great

What makes It Works Body Wraps so great’? Yes, these wraps are wildly popular, but why? The real reasons might surprise you. Continue reading

It Works Body Wrap Scam

RatingsIt Works Body Wrap Scam! I hear it all the time…It Works Body Wrap Scam! Are the It Works Body Wrap a Scam or do they really work? It Works Body Wrap Scam…or user error? I want to address some of
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Is Portion Control Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Are you working out religiously? Doing hours of cardio, going to the gym…sweating, working hard and still not seeing results? And, you’re getting frustrated! You may even be ready to just give up! Well, there could be one very good reason why your weight loss efforts aren’t working. Continue reading

Is Stress Making You FAT?

RatingsIs Stress Making You Fat?   Is stress making you fat? If you’re like many of us, you’ve eaten because you were stressed… and stressed because you’ve been eating too much… …and gained weight. It’s a vicious cycle…

Digestive Health Probiotic and Prebiotic From It Works Global

RatingsDigestive health PROBIOTIC and PREBIOTIC from It Works Global Digestive health probiotic and prebiotic from It Works has just been released!!! The road to health is paved by good intestines!! It Works just came out with an AMAZING PROBIOTIC!!! It
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