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Boost Sales By Offering Skinny Wraps in Your Salon

skinny wrapsBoost sales by offering Skinny Wraps in your salon!

Did you know that if you own a hair salon, nail salon, tanning salon or spa that you can significantly boost sales by offering Skinny Wraps in your salon?

Do you own or work in a hair salon, nail salon or tanning salon?

Do you offer these services from your home?  (or do you know someone who does?)

Do you apply make up, lashes or hair weaves?

This is something you’re going to want to read…

If you’re in the hair industry, you can Offer your clients a “Skinny Cut”.skinny wraps

So what is a Skinny Wrap?

A Skinny Wrap is an It Works Body Wrap!

It Works Body Wraps (aka Skinny Wrap or Ultimate Body Applicator) work  in as little as 45 minutes to firm, tone, tighten your skin.   And makes this a fantastic add-on or even stand alone service within your Salon to drive up revenue!

It takes about 3-5  minutes to put a wrap on a customer.

Put the wrap on your client and let it do it’s job while you give your client their hair cut, color, do nails, apply extension, weave, lashes, etc.

  • nail industry – offer your client a skinny mani/pedi!
  • make up industry – offer your client a skinny make over!
  • apply lashes – offer thinner body and thicker lashes!
  • do hair weaves – offer your client a skinny weave!

You get the idea…Be creative!

Before I became a Distributor with It Works Global, I was a customer that saw great results.

The Skinny Wraps work like nothing else on the Planet!

I’m sure you’ve heard of other wraps (full body mummy wraps, messy clay wraps, etc).

These types of wraps only achieve water loss, or sweating and any weight or inches lost comes right back.

THESE ARE NOT THOSE WRAPS!  It Works Wraps work totally different!

Let me work with your salon and help you show your clients how to achieve fantastic results!

Think of the buzz Skinny Wraps will create around town…

~ the Skinny Wraps will sell themselves!


And you better believe they’ll go home and tell their friends and family!

*It’s as close to magic as it gets!

Exclusive (ONLY sold through independent distributors), body contouring wrap is a site-specific, non-woven cloth (11″ x 22″) that is infused with botanical ingredients.

  • Firm, tone, tighten, slim & contour.  This is NOT water weight!
  • All natural, botanical ingredients!
  • Diminish the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite!
  • Target ANY area of your body!
  • Amazing results in as little as 45 minutes!
  • Progressive results over 72 hours!

We even offer Facial Applicators that work well with application of lashes.

Find out more about how It Works Skinny Wraps can help you boost your business…whatever aspect of beauty you’re in!  Boutiques are even getting in on the income potential available.

Ready to increase your cash flow, sales and clientele?  Join my team now Our team works with many of you in the beauty industry all over the US.

If you know someone in the beauty industry, pass this along to them!

Increase sales, clientele and cash flow with It Works Skinny Wraps  

Whether you own a salon, work in a salon…salon/spa, nail salon, tanning salon…or if you offer these types of beauty services in your home (lashes, extensions, artificial hair, even massage) by adding It Works Skinny Wraps and/or other products to your services, you can greatly increase sales, cash flow and clientele.

I’d be happy to talk with you further about how I can help you get started.  I can even tell you how you can earn from your competitors 😉  Give me a text or a call so we can discuss this opportunity further.  My number is 352-978-2370.  Bear in mind, if you leave a comment, many times my reply will go to your spam box and you will not see it.  Call or text is the best way to contact me.

I look forward to talking with you.

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