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When Do You See Results From It Works Wraps?

when will is see results with it works body wraps‘When do you see results from It Works Wraps’

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “when do you see results from It Works Wraps?”.  Unfortunately, this isn’t such an easy question to answer.

The first question I ask is what the person’s goal is. Of course a person that has 50 pounds to lose will take longer to achieve their goals than someone that just has a little belly pooch and loose skin that they want to firm & tighten.

A person that has a clean diet will get results faster and longer lasting results than a person who tends to eat fatty, greasy, salty or sugary foods a bit too often.

 As we know, every person’s body is different. Read More

How to Get It Works Body Wraps Cheap

how to get it works body wraps cheapHow to get It Works Body Wraps cheap.

People contact me with this question all the time!

I’m sure you’ve seen distributors posting on social media or selling the wraps elsewhere.

Have you thought they were just too expensive?  And, you’re searching for a way to get them cheaper… Read More

It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

it works vs solobelloIt Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello

It Works Body Wraps vs. SonoBello…So, how do they compare?  I’ll let you be the judge…

The other day I saw a commercial about a surgical cosmetic procedure called Sonobello and this woman on the commercial was so pleased with her results!  I took a look at her results and was like…”What?!!  It Works Body Wraps can give those same results!”

So, I started doing some research on Sonobello to see what it was all about. Read More

What Makes It Works Wraps so Great

What Makes It Works Wraps so Great?

it works body wrapSo, you’ve been seeing This Crazy Wrap Thing all over social media and you’re probably asking yourself, ‘What makes It Works Wraps so great’?

Yes, these wraps are wildly popular, but why?

They’re popular because they work!  

If the wraps didn’t work, the company wouldn’t be called It Works. The company has been in business since 2001. If our products, most importantly the wraps, didn’t work, don’t you think the company wouldn’t have been in business this long. Read More

5 Reasons NOT to Become An It Works Distributor!

become an it works distributor5 reasons NOT to become an It Works Distributor!

If you’re ‘on the fence’ about joining my It Works Team,  Read These 5 reasons not to become an It Works Distributor…

An home based business isn’t for everyone.  If you’ve thought about joining the It Works business you’ve probably been doing some research about the company, products and the business.

Why Do You Want to Join It Works?

If you’re looking to join the It Works home business opportunity, it’s probably because of one of these reasons… Read More

It Works Body Wrap Scam

it works body wrap scamIt Works Body Wrap Scam!

I hear it all the time…It Works Body Wrap Scam!

Are the It Works Body Wrap a Scam or do they really work?

It Works Body Wrap Scam…or user error?

I want to address some of the complaints and issues I’ve read on-line that claim the wraps are a scam or a rip off. Read More

Is Portion Control Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

portion controlIs portion control sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Is portion control sabotaging your weight loss efforts in this ‘supersized’ world?

We live in a ‘super sized’ world today! From the way we eat, to the way we drink, to the way we shop.

We have this misconception that more is better.

A delusion that we’re getting a ‘deal’ because we get more for just another buck.

You can ‘super size’ your fast food meal and get larger fries and a larger soda for just fifty cents more. We buy more to save more and we buy a larger package size of food because it’s just a few cents more for the larger size.

And here you are… you’ve been trying to lose weight…you’ve tried this and you’ve tried that to lose the fat, but the scale won’t budge and nothing seems to be working. Read More

Is Stress Making You FAT?

Is Stress Making You Fat?  is stress making you fat

Is stress making you fat?

If you’re like many of us, you’ve eaten because you were stressed…

and stressed because you’ve been eating too much…

…and gained weight.

It’s a vicious cycle… Read More

How Do It Works Distributors Make Money?

How do Ihow do it works distributors make moneyt Works Distributors make money?

So you’re thinking about making some extra money at home and you’ve been thinking about this business and your’re wondering HOW do It Works Distributors make money?

Bottom line is that you want to do something to where you can make good money on your own time, right?

Then his post is for you… Read More

Looking For It Works Distributors to Join an It Works Global Team?

distributor So, you’re looking for It Works Distributors to join an It Works Global team?

If your looking for It Works Distributors to join an It Works Global Team, then I’m going to give you some things to think about.

Choosing which distributor (and team) you want to join with is an important decision. I’m glad you’re diligently doing your research, That’s Good!

Before you become an It Works Distributor on someone’s team, it would benefit you to read these tips! Read More

Digestive Health Probiotic and Prebiotic From It Works Global

IT WORKS PROBIOTICDigestive health PROBIOTIC and PREBIOTIC from It Works Global

Digestive health probiotic and prebiotic from It Works has just been released!!!

The road to health is paved by good intestines!!

It Works just came out with an AMAZING PROBIOTIC!!! It targets both the small and large intestines, has PRObiotics and PREbiotics, has 10 billion live cultures and 5 different probiotic strands!! If you’ve never taken a probiotic, then you NEED this!!! Read More

Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

tighten loose skin after weight lossTighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

I’ve talked with countless men and women who suffer this problem and want to know how to tighten loose skin after weight loss.

Whether you lose the weight through diet and exercise or from weight loss surgery, it doesn’t matter.

It’s wonderful that you lost weight and can fit in those fabulous jeans, or maybe you’re still losing to be able to get into those jeans.

Unfortunately, many people are left with the dreaded loose skin.

You hear all the stories about weight loss, but you don’t really hear the stories about the loose skin that is left behind.

Or, you may be a woman that had children and didn’t gain much weight, but ended up with loose skin.

Either way, I can help you! Read More

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