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Maximize Profits as an ItWorks Distributor

it works distributorMaximize Profits as an ItWorks Distributor on my team!

Many people become an ItWorks Distributor after using the wraps (and/or other products) and loving their results!!  They (like me) are so excited about sharing this with the world!  The ItWorks Body Wraps are an exclusive product only sold by ItWorks Distributors.

If you’re looking for information on becoming an ItWorks Distributor, you’re wise to do your research.  I searched for information  for days before I knew I was making the right decisions with the company and the person to sign with.  I’ve been burned before and i didn’t want it to happen again.

There are a lot of scams out there.

But, I can assure you, this is not one of them!  In fact you can read about the ItWorks Body Wrap Scam here.

ItWorks Global has been in business since 2001.  That’s a long time!  A shady business wouldn’t be around this long.   They’ve also been featured in Success Magazine and ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of the 50 fastest-growing companies in it’s category (which is not easy to do).

And, the ItWorks Ultimate Applicator has been featured at the Emmy’s and Oscar’s.

I became a Distributor because the ItWorks Body Wraps have helped me diminish my cellulite and gave my ‘girls’ a lift.  I’ve had GREAT results and I want others to experience how great these products are!  They have helped thousands of others too.

If you’ve been thinking about joining this company to make more money, I’d like to show you what options you have when you sign up and how you can earn money ~ fast ~ as a Distributor.  I’ll tell you how to maximize your sign up and maximize earnings and cash profits.

When you sign on as ItWorks Distributor, you’re given the option of purchasing the Business Builder Kit for $99.  This includes a pack of  4 wraps and various business items and one month of free eSuite.  eSuite is your company website.  This is something you definitely want to have.

You’re eSuite is the lifeline to keeping track of your business, sales, Loyal Customers and Distributors.   (after the free first month, it’s $20 per month).  A pack of wraps retail for $99, so basically you’re getting a free box of wraps.   Here is what you get in the kit…

Itworks distributor kit


If you want to be eligible to earn all bonuses available, you are required to purchase the Business Builder Kit.  Your kit is the beginning of where you want to go in this business and you take the steps to get there.

You will also have the option to upgrade your order to make maximum profits in the quickest time…


it works distributor business kit

Some people may think that’s a lot of money to spend up front.  Well, I know people spend Thousands of dollars to open a retail business and/or join some other home based businesses, and they hope to make their money back on that investment in a few years.

You can make your money back with this business in weeks, or less!  You get your kit…you have 1 party each week for 3 weeks…BOOM, you’ve made an extra $800!

Not only that, you’ve built clientele.  You’ve gotten your products out there, you’ve enticed interest.  And those people are telling their friends and family about your products!  People will be calling YOU to get more wraps and to try other products and to learn how to make money with your business.

If you choose to order either kit, you have the option to do so after you click on the link to become a Distributor.   Choose your packages in the ‘Boost’ portion of the sign up process.

Purchasing your Business Builder Kit, qualifies you for these awesome Bonuses!!  And, if you join a team that will help you achieve these added bonuses (LIKE MINE) you’ll be making money in no time…

  1. You’ll be Commission Qualified
  2. Earn a $100 Shopping Spree
  3. You’re eligible for Fast Start Bonuses ~ When you sign on a new Distributor and they acquire 2 Loyal Customers within their first 30 days, you get $100!  This is paid out the following Friday you earn the bonus!  (this is something my team will help you accomplish).  Yes, with every new Distributor you bring to the team, I’ll show you how you can make a Quick 100 Bucks!
  4. You’ll be eligible for all the big bonuses…right not they’re from $5,000-$150,000
  5. For every 2 Loyal Customers who join you, you’ll be eligible for a pack of 4 wraps for just $25 and Free Shipping.  If you sell these for $25 each, you’ll earn an extra $75 on each pack.  They’re easy to get because everybody wants to save money and be a Loyal Customer!

I want you to know that earning a substantial income (and residual income) IS POSSIBLE!  If, you work your business!  I have earned $25,000 just in bonuses.  And weekly $100 bonuses are pretty sweet 🙂

As with any business… You will get out of it what you put into it!  I work my business and it’s working for me.

I hope I’ve helped you see how you can maximize your profits right off the bat!  Once you make that decision to become an ItWorks Distributor, I’ll send you information on how to immediately begin prepping for your financial success.  There are things you can do even before your kit arrives at your doorstep to prepare for your success in this business.

If you’re ready to make some serious money with these one-of-a-kind products and health/beauty line and work with a team that’s all about YOUR SUCCESS, Sign Up As An ItWorks Distributor Now.  If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me at 352-978-2370.








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