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So, you want to know about me?


I’mskylerblues just an average person…wife, sister, friend, aunt and a very proud momma to a 19-year-old son who is a new US Marine!

I’m so very proud of my son!  My eyes fill with tears just looking at his picture!

You younger moms will know that feeling before long!



So, how did I end up working for This Crazy Wrap Thing at home full time?


I started with It Works part time about 3 years ago.  I had a full time job…like most of you…and just joined because I was drowning in credit card debt and wanted to get that paid off!  I was so frustrated at making so many payments each month and never getting ahead!

It’s kind of embarrassing … I honestly didn’t even know that I had 15 credit cards!!!!

My husband has lost his job a few years earlier and we used our credit cards to make ends meet…which caused us to be up to our eyeballs in debt!

When he did get another job, he made no where near what he had been making.  So, we could only afford the minimum payments.

This was KILLING us financially!it works body wrap

After taking a good hard look at my finances and where my money was going and I HAD to make some changes.

One day I saw a post from someone on Facebook that posted her picture after losing weight and how the wraps had tightened her skin.  I swear…I said ‘yeah right’!  Out loud!

After that, I started doing some research on these wrap things…ended up calling a rep…and ended up joining the business before my products even arrived!

I know…I’m a spur of the moment type of person! But, that was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I only had a few payments left on my car and this was the first thing I paid in full!

I’ll never forget that feeling of getting the payoff of my car and paying it off in full!!  It was like a weight being lifted off of me!  All thanks to the extra money I was able to make.

Just working the business part time, I was able to pay off over $19,000 of my credit card debt in about 2 years!  I did very well with the business.

No, I didn’t become a millionaire and I don’t make $20,000 a month…yet!  LOL!

Do you have a dream?

My dream was to be able to buy my own home!!

I was able to fulfill my dream of purchasing my own home!!!  That made me feel like a millionaire!!

And, then we had our home totally renovated and bought a brand new car!

None of this would have been possible without the extra money I make with this business.

I was living the dream!!!

Then Disaster Struck…


A couple weeks after we bought the car, on a Monday morning, I went into work and after doing payroll, my life changed forever!

My employer…who I had been faithful to for 10 years! Told me that changes were being made in our Florida office and that my position was no longer needed.  Just like that, I was unemployed!

I was devastated!!!  Working at a j-o-b was all that I had ever known! Driving home I had to pull over and was just bawling my eyes out!

I called a friend…I have no idea how he understood what I was even saying because I was just bawling and babbling…but, I just kept saying…’What am I going to do’?

So I did what my husband said to do…and what most people do…I started looking for another job.

I was devastated again!

You want to pay me what??  All my dedicated years of service didn’t mean a thing!  The job market didn’t want to pay me what I know I’m worth.

After trying to work my business and trying to find a job…It just wasn’t working.  I had to focus on one or the other!  I knew I could make very good money with my home business so I decided to work the It Works Business full time.

What the It Works Business has done for me…

What a Blessing it’s been!!!  After just 8 months working the business full time, I’ve earned the level of Double Diamond Leader, made a $15,000 Bonus and have been able to make more than twice as much as I brought home at my j-o-b!!


I’m not telling you this to brag.  I’m telling you this because if I can do this with no special education or background, anybody can!

I know how life can change in an instant!  And this is why my focus is to lead and teach my team with fire and drive!  I want to make a difference in the lives and families of my team!

What’s YOUR Plan B?

What would YOU do if you, or your spouse, suddenly lost your job or had some sort of set back or injury in the family that prevented you from working the traditional j-o-b?

I can teach you how to make extra money.

How to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

And even how to transition into working at home full time if that’s what you choose to do.

I’m just so grateful that I DECIDED to join a home business part time and be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT with it.

I’m even more grateful that I get to help people do the same!!

I’d love to connect with you on Facebook..https://www.facebook.com/jackie.hall.3557






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