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4 Ways to Become an It Works Distributor on A Tight Budget

become an it works distributorHere are 4 Ways to Become an It Works Distributor on A Tight Budget

I want to share with you 4 ways to become an It Works Distributor on a tight budget because I hear from people every day that want to join my team, but are in financial stress. And, I understand that spending money (that you don’t really have, in some cases) can be scary.

No Schooling?  No Problem!

Sharing the wraps is a great way to make extra money! Anyone can do it…even if you didn’t go to college, or dropped out of college. Heck, you can be successful at this even if you quit high school!

No need for any sales experience…you just have to be willing to share…and you have to be able to simply follow instructions.

In fact some of the best people for this business are those who are ‘dreamers’, those that are ‘misfits’…people who are considered the ‘odd ball’ or ‘outsiders’…people who don’t want to conform to the ‘status quo’.

I want people on my team who are ‘self starters’, ‘free spirits’ and ‘social butterflies’.

This business takes creativity and the ability to ‘think out of the box’. Sure, some people may have lots of money to throw into their business, but most of us do not. Especially just starting out.

What I Offer My It Works Team

I share many ways of promoting this business to my team. Some ways are FREE, some may cost a bit and other ways that are more costly. You have to use what you have…and if it ain’t much money, you have to work around that.

Just because you don’t have much money doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in this business. You still have resources that you can use, you just have DIFFERENT resources other than money.

To sell the wraps, you must become a distributor. This gives you the right to legally sell our wraps and other health, beauty and wellness products. The cost of the Business Kit is $99 (normally it’s $199, but right now the price is reduced).

In your business kit you will get a box of 4 wraps, business materials and examples, forms, Success Magazine (which we have been featured in for the past 3 years) and you get one month of your very own website and business office (the hub of your business) free. Then, it is $20 per month.

Ok, you see there is huge potential in this business and the company.

You see that our products are wildly popular and so many people want them. You KNOW you can make money at this, but you just need to get started…you just need a chance…a lucky break.

Well, here’s your break!

Here’s how you CAN do it, IF YOU’RE SERIOUS. Here are 4 ways that you can become an It Works Distributor with little or no money…


    One of the biggest ways many people can join the business is by pre-selling the 4 wraps that come in your business kit. Distributors generally sell wraps from $25-$35 each. So, if you get 4 friends/family members/co workers to give you the money for the wraps ahead of time, BAM you’ve got the money for your business kit and you’re good to go for your first month.

    Not only that, you now have 4 people to wrap when your kit comes, which is usually about a week. You now have 4 potential customers and/or people to join your team. And you know, when they see their awesome results with their wrap, they will tell their friends/family/coworkers to see you for wraps. 🙂

    And, you can always ask for referrals!  Your network is bigger than you think.  All your friends, family and coworkers have people they know too!


    I know of a very successful distributor that was so broke that she had to have a yard sale to come up with the $99 for her business kit. She got the money, joined the company, went running with it and never looked back. She how makes 5 figures…A MONTH.

    You could sell some old jewelry, old kids clothes, clothes that you don’t wear any longer on Craigslist or Ebay as well. There are many online sales sites. There are even Facebook groups for sales in your area…you just have to find them. Look up buy/sale/trade in your area.


    I know, many of you don’t really like this idea. But, if you have someone that can float you 100 bucks, DO IT! Ask a family member or friend. You now owe someone…use this as incentive to get your business going right away. Use it to get out there and build your business! Heck, offer to pay them an extra ten bucks for lending you the money!!

    I know of a distributor who borrowed the money from her mother and in a little over a year, she made Presidential Diamond and earns a hefty 6 figures a year!!! She borrowed the money, worked her business hard and made it big!

    If you bust your butt and build your business the way I teach my team, you will be paying that money back in no time 🙂


    Yes, I said it….cut out some of the crap you’re buying. You and your family don’t need sodas, chips, sugary cereal, snack cakes….this stuff isn’t good for you, or your kids anyway. Or, maybe you can cut way back on it. Cook more food at home at don’t go out to eat. Cut out the fast food.

    Do you spend money on clothes or shoes….or just new ‘stuff’ that you don’t really need? Then just stop it and save some money. If you want to make more money, you will take a look at where you’re money is going. Print out a bank statement if you need to and look over it. Where can you save and what can your cut out so you can get your business kit?

    You know that old saying….If There’s a Will, There’s a Way!! It’s true!

Excuses don’t make money…a game plan does!  I have one for you!

ItWorksDistributorKitIf you’re serious about changing the financial situation of you and your family, you will do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

If you’ve been considering joining the business, I hope this has helped you find a way to do it!

And by joining my team, I give you so many ways of becoming successful that are Free and cost very little.

If you want to become a distributor but are scared that you may may not be able do well or fail, you may want to check out my post Why You Will Fail As An It Works Distributor.

This will give you some ideas of what NOT to do if you want to be successful at this business.

I want to make a difference in the lives and families on my team!!

If you’re ready to join my team and let me help you be successful, CLICK HERE to become an It Works Distributor.

**Some items in the distributor kit picture may change

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  1. Carmen / Reply


    I want to become a successful distubutor.
    I would like more info pls

    • jackie / Reply


      I have sent you an email Carmen

  2. Raymie / Reply


    I would love try give it a go!

    • jackie / Reply


      awesome! Let’s do this!

  3. rushba / Reply


    ___123___4 Ways to Become an It Works Distributor on A Tight Budget___123___

    • jackie / Reply


      Did you have a question?

  4. Steph / Reply


    How do I get my friends to join me as a distributor ?

    • jackie / Reply


      talk to them; be excited about your business and what it’s going to do for you and your family; be consistent 🙂

  5. Jackie S. / Reply


    I’m interested in becoming a distributor.

    • jackie / Reply


      Hi Jackie 🙂
      I sent you an email.

  6. ravindra singh / Reply


    i want to make myself a distributor

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